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On-Demand beta and a new $26M Series A raise

A better, more curated way to gift at scale.

By Jonathan Legge Jun 21, 2022

Hidden gems

Our platform’s best bits from an engineering point of view.

&Open Sep 15, 2021

From classmates to the C-suite

How friends from college went on to build one powerful platform (hint: it was ours).

&Open Sep 07, 2021

Building for the real world

What the &Open Engineering team loves about what they do.

&Open Aug 17, 2021

Why we add friction to our gifting UX

Not all UX should be seamless, especially if you're getting a gift at the end.

&Open Jan 16, 2020

Three simple tips for sending gifts digitally

It doesn’t have to be so impersonal.

&Open Jul 03, 2019

How to create global care through client gifting

Three ways to gift globally at scale.

&Open Jul 03, 2019


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